Look below for an insight into how big of a goofball I am. Not pictured: me wearing my dress as a cape.

Who am I?

Hello lovely people! My name is Leah and I am a wedding, boudoir, and editorial photographer located in Baltimore and Philadelphia.

I am a goofball (see outtakes below!) to my core and you won't be hard pressed to find me laughing along with the people around me or breaking into random song and dance. I've been told I'm at my best when I'm helping people. Also you couldn't possibly count the number of pictures of my pup that exist on my phone or the vast arrays of art I like to surround myself with on a daily basis. I consider myself not just a photographer, but an artist.

Foremost though, I am a storyteller. Expressions are my words, emotions my sentences, and moments my paragraphs. I am constantly seeking stories everywhere I go. Stories form a fundamental link between people and generations, providing connections to times we've never experienced and people we could only dream of meeting.  Stories carry a profound power that inspires me. Truthful, authentic stories transcend time. 

As I said before I consider myself an artist in addition to a photographer. The smell of the darkroom is home to me. I love learning about art history and pulling little details that fit with my style from each time period to inspire me. I don't just want my work to look pretty, I want it to transcend time like the best art and the best stories. This is YOUR story and it deserves to be told in the best way. 

And finally a fun fact: I love talking to new people. So don't be shy! Fill out the form on my "Let's Chat" page or email me at leahcoppotelli.photography@gmail.com and let's get to talking! (Even if it's just about puppies, cameras, and donuts!)


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Images by Bekah Kay Creative, Hair and Makeup by Shauna Kennedy